Malta Personal Care Home
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Senior Assisted Living Community

Our Story

Malta Personal Care Home was founded to provide refuge to those needing rest from the trials of life. Years ago, visiting this island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. The encounter with the natives was life changing. They were kind, generous, and amazingly hospitable. Never did I believe from the love they had shown would be the very reason for starting a business and using the name to as homage. 

These natives were not just abundantly welcoming to me, but this gentleness was shown throughout history. Unbeknowst at the time, but these are the same people Apostle Paul spoke of in Acts 28; therefore, Malta is dear to our hearts: Paul shipwrecked on an island he had not known before called Malta. When he met the people, they were kind to him, and accommodated by building a campfire. A sneaky snake found his way in the fire and bit Paul. The Maltin's waited for harm to come to him, but Paul suffered none, but was granted the opportunity to lay in hands and HEAL one of the villagers. 

Just as the story goes, Malta is a home for healing and peace. It is my belief that through the power of love, kindness, and care that aging is not a sorrowful experience, but a joyous time in life. 

In addition, with the attributes of love and kindness, we find that Alzheimer's and Dementia clients are comforted by this environment; which makes them feel safe and secure. We take pride in our family-style home. Our home is a great alternative to nursing homes, and bigger assisted living communities, for we offer a much desired personal relationship. Walton County now has a precious jewel...Malta Personal Care Home.

Thank you for taking time to read Our Story. Let us find a place in your heart.

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